My journey started in Czech Republic in 1988 in my mother's womb.

It took me over 30 years to find my authentic-true-self. I experienced many valuable experiences and lessons during this time. Mostly it wasn't easy. Mostly It was super, super hard for me.

I was struggling with my weight, body-picture, self-love, low self esteem and self-value. I felt that I am not good enough for this world and I was missing the point of being here on this planet.

I was always full of dreams, creative and spontaneous. But I wasn't aware about it enough. I was suppressing my desires and needs. I had mostly the others on the first place. I was always giving to the others a lot but I had always such a big problem with receiving.

Since my childhood I has struggled with skin problems and I would say that this was the main trigger of my start on the spiritual journey towards whole, happy and fulfilling life. I went through classical medicine, following the advices of the doctors and hoped that it will help me to cure my skin problems. But no way. It wasn't getting better at all.

So I decided to take a look for some alternatives how I can help myself to cure my body.

As a side effect I cured also my soul :).

I started with long term fasting. It took me half a year to prepare for my first 21 day long fast. I was drinking only distilled water (it didn't harm me at all and I am still alive). This was very intensive cleansing for my body and mind also. This technique is not for everybody and could be very dangerous when you are not strictly following the rules. During fasting I experienced for my first time in my live INSIGHTS. Different point of view to the things happening around me. My mind was clear, my senses were super sensitive and I felt the energy flow so clearly. Energy flow from the other people, from the nature, from the city, from the work place .. This was very surprising for me. I had so much extra time which I mostly used for reading Stan Grof's books about expended states of consciousness and Holotropic Breathwork. I also felt a lot of emotional cleansing going on. I was aware about my emotions much more. I was energy-low (obviously) and I had to make wise choices so I was much more thinking about what I was saying and how. Thanks to fasting I started to do Tai-chi which showed me that there are exist also exercises which can give us energy. Well, it really worked! These are just few highlighted benefits from my experience but there was much more. And how did this fasting affect my skin problems? I helped a lot. At least it becomes better from lets say 83%. Which is a lot.

After fasting I decided to attend very intense course about Sacred Femininity where I found my suppressed feminine-self. This was the first time when I connected with my Yoni with an awareness. It changed some things in my relationships and sexuality. Looking back I see it as opening doors into the universal truth and my own true-self.

I also attend at that time the Holotropic Breathwork workshop with Milan Hrabanek who is very close friend of Stanislav Grof. Was it coincidence that he was doing his practice nearby my hometown? It really doesn't matter because the truth is that after first session, which was very gentle for me, I felt my intuition telling me that this is something what will take a part in my life. So I was visiting this workshops once or twice a year - how I just felt it. HB took my pink glasses out and opened my eyes wide. I started to see the connection between everything, I understand more deeply the others, I lost my judgementality.

I experienced so many insights as for example on of them was that plants are also alive in the same way as the animals.

I felt that I am on the right way. Way back towards myself.

During these years with HB I attend a lot of different workshops for different themes. I was very into Healthy diets, Healthy lifestyle, Sustainable living, Living in connection with the Nature, Permaculture, Body typology, Personal typology, Intuitive dancing, Singing, Pregnancy, Natural birth, Sacred sexuality but I also attended workshops like Programming (basic of java, node.js, CSS, HTML, Linux administratio and as I was always somehow into Coaching I programmed "roboCoach" who is coaching first aid chatbot), Marketing on social medias, Headhunting, Happiness at work etc.

I experienced on my own vegetarian, vegan and raw diet. Later on I tried also low-carb diet, intuitive eating and intermediate fasting. Most of my life I would say that I was on vegetarian diet because I just didn't like the taste of the meat and I didnt agree with the conditions in which the animals were living. Nowadays with all of these experiences I am on the Holistic Diet which I set up exactly for myself and which I am using in my practice with my clients. First of all is important to find the body-type, than personality type, specify favourite foods, work on routines connected to the food and as a very important factor is here our mind-set. Our mental health. Believe or not but moving our body is also very important part of the point of the Holistic Diet.

Another important part of my life are experiences with psychedelic (plant) medicines. I have to say that I felt deep respect to all kind of psychedelics substances and to the drugs at all. On one hand because of the society where we are living and in the other hand because of addictions in our family. My parents were strictly against all kinds of drugs. So it surprised me a lot when my mum came to me once and told me about Ayahuasca. At that time she was considering to go the rainforest attend a ceremony with this beautiful plant. Few years later it was me who was in Ecuador experiencing this wisdom of this plant. As a preparation for Ayahuasca we had ceremony with Tobacco which is in Ecuador sacred and understood as a medicine. Tobacco brought me such a deep understanding how we are misusing this sacred plant in the world. My approach to Tobacco and other plants changed diametrically. Ayahuasca gave me a deep dive into myself and helped me to step totally into my authenticity. A year later I experienced toad of Bufo Alvarius. My friend Pavel Adventurer made very nice video about this experience which you can see HERE.

Frog medicine showed me how to Love myself - finally.

I was so happy for it. Such an important insight in my life. Frog medicine also showed me how does this world works and taught me how to forgive. So important! All of these medicines I took with awareness, deep respect, humility and Love with intention to self-discovery.

experiencing almost whole training program towards becoming a facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork I decided that I will use all of my experiences in doing Psychedelic Therapy (PT). As it is not allowed in many countries yet, I am not propagating it. In this PT I work with Icelandic Magic Mushrooms in particular set and setting. I am using strategy of preparation, session and integration. Very powerful and healing method.

All of these experiences helped me made steps out of my comfort zone.

Believe or not, the most difficult steps in our life are the most productive and transformational steps ever.

So take your courage and step into your authenticity, freedom, happiness and fulfillment. I am here to support you anytime you want.

With Love

Holotropic Zu

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