My experience with Holotropic Breathwork®

What is Holotorpic Breathwork®?

Holotropic Breathwork® is the brainchild of Dr. Stan Grof and Christina Grof, psychotherapists who used LSD to treat their patients in the 1970s and recorded great successes.

However, LSD was banned and it became illegal to use it in treatment procedures. They began searching for an alternative that would have similar benefits to LSD. The result was Holotropic Breathwork®. In the course of their research they found out that through certain breathwork techniques, one could stimulate a similar psychedelic effect to LSD. ​

It was developed as a safe way for patients to deal with trauma and has proven to be a great treatment tool. It has also been proven to decrease anxiety and those who practice it report that they feel calmer and less stressed after the session. Other people report greater clarity and a renewed sense of self. Different studies point to the efficacy of Holotropic Breathwork®.

I am currently attending Grof Transpersonal Training for Holotropic Breathwork®. Covid situation changed my plans and I was not able to finish training with final certification yet. Truth is that thanks to this situation I was able to develop technique which brings the same benefits as HB and is enriched by my own essence. I love to work with sacred herbs and I am always using white salvia to cleanse the place where the breathwork will take a place. I always do a little ritual for myself to tune into this work which is sacred to me. I am connecting to higher entities and guardians, sending them Love and asking them for their presence, protection and support. Later on the participants are coming and before we will start the work, I am using white salvia to cleanse also their energetic bodies.

Holotropic Breathwork® opened a lot of doors in my life, brought clarity and very useful insights. Clearly I can say that thanks to these experiences I was able to change my life and allow myself to step into my power.

Today I am holding space for people who are ready to explore their subconscious and what is hidden there. I am here to guide them on their own life journeys and be there for them in any case of need. I am very happy that I am able to use my gifts and do this work through my heart with clean intentions.

For more information stay tuned - I will make a podcast episode where I will talk more in detail about my particular experiences and about training (how to became a HB facilitator) itself.

FIND THE PODCASTS HERE: https://anchor.fm/zuzana-paloch

Stay safe, go with the flow and relax.

Much Love zu

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